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Hello Again!

Ever wanted your phone to be smart enough to toggle ringtone volume settings automatically throughout the day? Let's say you want your droid to go from silent to normal mode when you wake up, then vibrate during work hours, then mid volume during lunch, then back to vibrate after lunch, then full volume after work, and then finally complete silent during bed time? How 'bout adding a totally different setting for the weekends? Not a Problem! How about set it to do this every other day? No Problem too!

Now introducing: Mode Scheduler!

This preset scheduling system allows you to designate ringtones, volume, and vibrate settings to trigger at a specific time and/or repeat on certain weekdays throughout the week.


* Pick Ringtones
* 3 Volume Settings
* Vibrate/Silent Mode

* Repeat Option
** Advanced Version
** Wifi, BT, & Airplane Modes

Standard and Advanced Version for Moto Droid are now available on Android Market!