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Hello, Stupid Humans!

Need a reference for words, terms, or phrases that can't even be found in a standard dictionary?

Now introducing: Droid Dictionary!

Droid Dictionary allows you to search for a keyword. If it is found from an online dictionary, the definition will display inside the app with a voice feature to pronounce the word. If it is misspelled, it will provide the closest match word that you can touch / press to redefine. Wiki button is also available to search for non-standard words or phrases.


* Online Dictionary
* Online Wiki
* Online Thesaurus

* Text To Speech
* Match Closest Word

Also Announcing : Droid Dictionary Plugin!

At a low cost, now you can save the words and definitions into this plugin so you can review and learn the words later! It's more practical to learn words from materials worked with than to pick up random vocab from flashcards! The design is still early stage, but please support us so we can further improve upon this product!

Droid Dictionary is currently free on our Android Market